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Paragraph : A Morality Shop

A Morality Shop

A morality shop is a kind of shop that may be found in schools and colleges. It is a kind of shop where there will be no shopkeeper. When a customer picks an item he likes, he looks at the price tag and puts the money in the box kept there. It is conscience that prevents a customer from stealing in this kind of shop. It tells us whether our actions are right or wrong. If a man steals or does a bad thing, his conscience will prick him and trouble him. A good man should have a clear conscience. Actually, a morality shop is a place to test our morality. It is not open for all and it is not found in every place. In schools and colleges, it may be set up. It helps students build moral character. In our country, a morality shop is not available. We should take steps to set up morality shop to build the moral character of our students.


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