Paragraph : Memorable Events in My College

Memorable Events in My College

Life is full of various events and experiences. Some of them are funny, enjoyable and memorable. Some of them are sad too. But the events that take place in our student life especially in college life are often unforgettable and enjoyable. My life is also full of various happy and sad events. But the most beautiful events took place mostly in my college life. In these two years, I encountered many events that make me nostalgic every now and then. The most important event to me is the first time when I went to my college, Govt. Rajendra College, Faridpur. The huge campus full of new faces made me nervous. After much effort, I found my classroom. I can still clearly remember the face of my first teacher Mr Parvej, lecturer of English. He entered the classroom with a smiling face. He was very comfortable and friendly with the students. But for my nervousness, I could not concentrate on his lecture. Another memorable event was the Inter College Cricket Championship where our section won the thrilling final by 1 wicket. I captained my side and scored valuable 75 runs in just 27 balls. The last day of my college is another memorable event in my college. This day still brings tears to my eyes. I enjoyed the whole day in singing, gossiping, eating and meeting our respected teachers. But at the final hour, it was really difficult to believe for all of us that we would never come back here. When I crossed the main gate, I looked back and I saw my past two years in front of my inward eyes. My eyes became teary. Now in these busy hours. I often miss those days of my college. I become nostalgic. I miss my friends and my teachers. I often say to myself, "I wish I could get back those golden days!"
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