Paragraph : The Necessity to Compulsory ICT Education in Bangladesh

The Necessity to Compulsory ICT Education in Bangladesh

The Internet provides us with endless knowledge and information. ICT has become an important part of education as it is playing a vital role in modern life. ICT education is vitally important as the use of computers has reached almost all spheres of life. Computers not only store and process information but also they are used for communication technology. They are the means to access the internet in order to stay connected to the world. Only ICT education can facilitate the use of computers for the purposes of communication and entertainment.. ICT education is an eligibility concern for almost all the modern-day jobs. Higher education involving network administration and software skills opens doors to better job opportunities. ICT education helps one manage business and personal finances. Nowadays, banking transactions and payment of bills can be done on the internet. Online shopping is also becoming popular. Obtaining computer and ICT education is very necessary to be in the race. ICT education is now a must for the job of even an ordinary clerk in the office. The word processing applications and database management software are very useful programs. In modern countries. trains, machines, flights- all these are controlled by information technology. So we are able to do almost nothing without the knowledge of ICT. So it is the demand of the time to make an ICT-literate nation. That's why ICT education needs to be made compulsory in Bangladesh as our country has also entered a new age of advanced technology along with the developed world.
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