Paragraph : Education for Development

Education for Development

We know the proverb "Education is the backbone of a nation". So it is easily understood from this proverb that the importance of education is really immense for development. Education is indeed the lifeblood of a nation. No nation can prosper without acquiring proper education. It is evident in the history that the nation which is the more educated in the more developed. Education is such a process by which a person learns how to develop himself in every aspect of life. An educated person can differentiate the right way from the wrong. By confirming the right way he can develop himself as well as contribute to nation-building. On the other hand, an uneducated person does not know the process of development. He/She always stumbles in his/her way of life. An educated mother can rear up her children properly. She can teach her children from their very early age. She can teach them how to choose the right ways of life. She trains them from the very childhood on how to become good citizens of the country. Thus an educated mother plays a very important role in making a developed nation. When the policy makers of a country will be highly educated, they can make the best policies for the country. Good policies can lead a nation to the zenith of success. The educated youth can bring a revolutionary change for a nation removing the clouds from its lot. The knowledge of science and technology is a crying need for the development of a nation in the context of the present world. So if we are technologically uneducated, we cannot keep pace with the modern world and the development must lag behind. It is undeniable that education is the precondition of proper development. It is an essential element for personal, social and national development.
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