Paragraph : How I spent my time during Lockdown

How I spent my time during Lockdown

The deadly corona virus disease has spread around the world. Because there is no drug or vaccine for the disease, lockdown was the only option in many countries. This lockdown, was my first such experience where I had to stay at home for a long period. The moment when I heard about lockdown, I felt very happy because I wouldn’t have to go to school then. On the first day, I played some outdoor games with 2 of my neighbourhood friends. After few days, when I realized the number of corona patients is increasing, I stopped playing outdoors. As days passed, everyone, including me, started taking more precautions to remain safe from the disease. I started watching Television and playing indoor games like Carom and Ludo. Mother prepared delicious recipes at home, we all enjoyed it. Sometimes, I helped my mother in the kitchen. I also read some books to pass my time. I played computer games too. As days passed, staying at home started giving me boredom. I felt like going out and hanging out with my friends, but I was not able to do so. At this point, I realized how the birds in the cage and animals in the zoo must be feeling like. I felt very sorry for them. I watched news regularly, most of the time with a hope that some drug or vaccine must have been developed for the covid-19. But, every time I go to know that it will take at least 5-6 months for the vaccine to be developed. Later, I decided to learn something new, from home. So I watched some YouTube videos about creating a mobile app. Very soon, I made one mobile app for mathematical formulae. My parents praised me for this. I also worked on my health and fitness. I became more diet conscious and ate food that would prove good for my immunity. A spent some time doing exercise. Yoga and meditation. Although this lockdown period forced me to stay home, I felt happy to be with my family for such long period. I could focus on my health. I learnt many new things and also developed my hobbies. I just wish that the drug or vaccine for COVID–19 be developed very soon.
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