Paragraph : Examination Strategies

Examination Strategies

↬ Examination Fitness

Strategy is an appropriate word for the approach to the examination on the day. Examination strategies mean examination skills which we may apply on the examination day. Checking and double-checking the examination dates and times are most important for examination strategies. Budgeting time and avoiding allocating elaborate adequate answers are also significant. The strategies also include following instructions and attempting to answer all the questions. It is better to read through the question paper before starting to write. It is very useful to spend at least five minutes per question thinking about and planning answers. It is also useful to underline the keywords in the questions. It helps the examinee to conscious of what he or she is required to do. To check back halfway through writing the answer is good. One should also make the answer legible. A good plan for the examination leads a student to success. If one follows the exam tips on the exam day, he/she wins his/her chances of success. So students should be conscious of both subject knowledge and examination strategies to build a bright future.
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