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HSC Preparation 2022

Story : God alone can Help

Read the beginning of the story. Add at least ten new sentences to complete the story. Give a suitable title to it.

There were two blind men in Rome. They lived by begging. They sat by the street and asked for alms. One cried, “God alone can help a man.”....................

God alone can Help

There were two blind men in Rome. They lived by begging. They sat by the street and asked for alms. One cried, “God alone can help a man.” The other cried saying, “The King along can help a man.” When somebody gave them a coin, the first would say, “May God bless you.” The second sad “May the King be pleased with you.” One day while the king was going alone the street he heard them saying so. The king was pleased with the second blind man and wanted to help him. Back to the palace, the king called one of his servants. He then handed over a bread filled with gold coin to the servant and said, “Go down his road. You will find a blind man shouting – “The king can alone help a man.” Make over the bread to him and say, “The king has sent it for you.” The servant went out to find out the blind man. After walking a few steps he saw the blind man. He made over the bread to him and said, “O blind man, here is a bread for you from the king, you may eat it,” said the servant and left the place. The blind man felt the bread too heavy and thought it had not been properly baked. He sold it to the first blind man. The first blind man went back home and cut the bread into pieces. He got the gold coins. “Oh god, how merciful you are!” he uttered in joy. He stopped begging from that day. The second blind man went on begging as usual. As the king again passed by the road, he found the blind man still begging. The king thought, “I sent him gold coins. Still this blind man is going on begging. What happened to him?” The king came to the blind man and asked, “What have you done with the bread that I sent you a few days ago?” “Your majesty,” said the blind man. “I have sold it to my fellow blind man. I thought it had not been properly baked.” “From this,” said the king, “take lesson that God alone can help a man and not the king.”

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