Paragraph : A Tea Stall

A Tea Stall

A tea-stall is common scene everywhere in towns and villages. It is generally a small shop with a few chair, tables and benches. Most of the tea-stall stands in crowded places like railway stations, bus stands, launch and steamer ghats and markets. It opens early in the morning and closes at late night. Besides tea, we can get different kinds of biscuits, cakes and various kinds of sweets in a tea-stall. A tea stall is usually a noisy and crowded place. People take tea and talk with one another. Often a group of people discusses politics and others listen to it with attention. That is way it is called a Mini Sangsad. In rural areas sometimes social disputes are settled in a tea-stall. In fact, a tea-stall is nowadays an important place of social gathering.

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Everybody knows a tea-stall. There is hardly anyone who does not visit it. Ordinarily, it is a small shop where tea is prepared and sold. Biscuits and other snacks are also kept for the customers to eat at the time of drinking tea. It opens very early in the morning and closes very late at night. It is found at every nook and corner of a village as well as of a town or a city. It is, in fact, a place for gossip, rest and recreation. It is frequented by the weary passers-by, the tired office assistants, the fatigued labourers, the exhausted rickshaw-pullers, as well as the students and political workers. They go on gossiping in groups on any kind of subjects. It is, in fact, a pleasure resort for people of all age groups and of all walks of life. The quality and standard of tea-stalls vary from place to place according to the status of the locality where they are run.


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