Paragraph : A Street Hawker

A Street Hawker

↬ The life of a Street Hawker

A street hawker is a common sight in the streets of big cities and towns. A hawker sells his goods with interesting cries in order to draw the attention of his customers. He knows the art of convincing. Women and children are usually attracted by his calls. He generally offers toys, fruits, biscuits, vegetables, ice-cream. cakes, laces, clothes, utensils etc. On the contrary, there is another kind of hawkers who buy newspapers, blank pots, old books, worn-out clothes from the houses. However, children are like a hawker but men do not like him. By carrying the goods for sale in his hands or over his shoulders, he moves from door to door. Sometimes he goes from one street to another with his moving shop and he often causes problems on the footpath. A street hawker’s income is not sufficient, so he has to maintain his family through hardship.

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A street hawker is a very familiar figure in towns. He is usually seen selling different kinds of things on the street. He earns his livelihood by hawking his commodities from street to street. He sells toys, ribbons, cloths, fruits, sweets, vegetables, fancy goods and daily necessaries. He carries them on the head, sometimes in hand, sometimes in a small basket or on shoulder or in a hand-cart. He is a very clever man who knows how to deceive customers. He is very selective about what things to sell, to children, to women and to men. He usually sells things for children that attract them. He targets children as well as their mothers for his sale. He usually hawks a heavy price but finally sells at a cheap rate. A street hawker comes out to sell things from morning until evening. He makes a peculiar shout while passing the street drawing the attention of the customers. However, a street hawker has to lead a very toiling life.
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