Paragraph : A Summer Noon

A Summer Noon

Summer noon is very pleasant to those who have no opportunity to watch the natural scenery and stay in town for a long time. In summer noon, it seems that the fire is dropped from the sky. There is a huge crowd in the ghat of the river. The children play in the pond. There is scarcity of people inroads. The cowboy sleeps in the shade of a tree. In the field, farmers have no work to do. In the lazy noon, some of them are seen to sleep in the shade of big trees; some of them are busy with chat with friends and well-wishers. Nature becomes dry in this season. But those, who live in towns cannot enjoy the beauty of a summer noon. They are deprived of seeing the dry weather and nature of a village. In such noon, sitting in the shade of a tree is very pleasant. Classes in educational institutions are not held in this time for the scorching heat of the sun. But the summer noon is more enjoyable in a village than in a city.
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