Paragraph : A Postman

A Postman

A postman is a familiar figure. Formerly he used to put on a khaki dress with a turban on his head. A leather bag hung across his shoulder. But nowadays the outfit does not seem to matter much. The postman goes from house to house and delivers letters, parcels, and money orders. In rural areas, he is very friendly with all. But in towns and cities, he maintains an official air and does not mix freely with the people. The postman is a poor employee of the Postal Department. But the job he performs is very important. He plays a significant role in the smooth running of the Postal Department. Considering his importance, the government should take a hand to improve his lot.

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The postman is a familiar figure. He is a good friend to the people and renders important services to them. But he is an ill-paid govt. servant. He goes from one house to another in his uniform with a letter bag hanging across his shoulders. He does not care for sun and shower. He is regular in doing his duties. He delivers letters, parcels and money orders to the proper addressees. He is very careful and does not make any mistake in delivering letters and other things. He is wanted by all. The persons who expect news of their friends and relatives anxiously await his arrival.
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