Dialogue about the bad effects of sound pollution

Ahona : Hello, Neel. How are you?

Neel : Hi, Ahona. I am fine. And you?

Ahona : I am not very good.

Neel : Why what happened to you?

Ahona : The main cause of my illness is sound pollution.

Neel : Please, explain to me the relationship between sound pollution and your illness.

Ahona : People usually do not hear sounds less than or equal to 20000 - 20 Hz. So, sound pollution for humans is actually caused by louder noise within this range.

Neel : Oh, my God; it is really dangerous for human. What is the reason for this sound pollution?

Ahona : Vehicle horns, mike announcements, construction works sounds etc. are creating sound pollution.

Neel : Does it affect human health?

Ahona : Yes, it does. Unwanted sound can damage physical mental health.

Neel : Anything else?

Ahona : Sound pollution can cause irritation and anger, high-stress levels, hearing loss, sleep disturbance and harmful effects.

Neel : What is the way to reduce sound pollution in factories?

Ahona : By using, sound-reducing equipment and better materials, sound pollution can be controlled in these sectors.

Neel : Isn't there any kind of law against this?

Ahona : There is a law limiting the level of sound, but people don't obey the law. Most even of them don't know about the law.

Neel : That's too bad.

Ahona : Yes, it is people should be more conscious about sound pollution in future.

Neel : I hope that too.

Ahona : Bye, friend. See you later then.

Neel : Okay, goodbye.
Ahona Sarkar (Athoi)
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