Paragraph : My Reading Room

My Reading Room

My reading room is at the corner of our main building. It is ten feet long and seven feet wide. It faces the south. It has one door and four windows. Sunlight and fresh air enter into my reading room. There are a chair, a table and a nice bookshelf in the room. I keep my books on the shelf. There are table clock, a desk-diary and a pen-stand on my table. There is also a table lamp on my table. I follow my daily routine. The wall of my reading room is well pained. There are some paintings in my reading room. I keep my reading room neat and clean. I feel comfortable in it. I like my reading room very much.

Same paragraph collected from another book

I have a separate reading room. It is located to the south facing the drawing room. It looks nice. It has one door and two windows. Thus, plenty of light and air can enter into the room. It is an well-furnished room. There are a table, a chair and a bookself nicely arranged and some sceneries on the wall. There is also a world map on the wall. My reading room is also a library for me because I have kept a lot of books of famous writers there. Besides my reading table, there is a computer with a compact desk and a moving chair. I have internet connection in my computer. I have also IPS & UPS system connected on my computer. So, my practice in the computer will not be hampered if there is no electricity. I spent most of the time in my reading room. I feel comfortable and easy to prepare my lesson here. I can also maintain my daily rountine and work my way up. There is a flower garden in front of my reading room which adds to its beauty and charms. I have plant so many different flowers in it. I past my leisure hours in the garden. I am really happy with my reading room. I always keep it neat and clean.
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