Paragraph : My Village / Your Native Village

My Village

The name of our village is Sonapur. It is in the district of Comilla. It is an old village. The village is at the eastern part of the district. A big canal flows from north to south. The canal divides the village into two. It is a large village. It is two miles long and one mile broad. Five thousand people live in this village. There is a high school, two primary schools. a post office and a Union Parishad Bhaban in our village. Most of the people are farmers. They grow paddy and jute. The Hindus and the Muslims live here side by side. There are teachers, doctors, and traders in the village. The village has good communication. A pucca road connects the village with the district town. The canal makes water communication easy. We get all the things in the village market. The market sits twice in a week. The village is improving day by day. We live a happy life here. Ours is a good village.

Same paragraph collected from another book

The name of my native village is Konra. It is in the district of Satkhira. There are 10,000 people here. Most of them are Muslims. There are Hindues also in our village. They live in peace and communal harmony. Most of our villagers are farmers. There are a primary school and a madrasha here. There is a metal road and links our village with the thana head quarter. There are some mud roads inside our village. The natural beauty of our village is very charming. During rainy season, our village is detached from the surrounding villages. When crops grow, our village people become highly elated because they see the ray hope for their living. Different religious and social festivals are held in our village. People of every caste and creed gather here. They exchange their mutual love, affection and feelings. Indeed, our village is an ideal one. We are proud of our village.
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