Paragraph : Our School Library & Our College Library

Our School Library

A library is a part and parcel of an educational institution. Moreover, the importance of library is great in spreading education. So, every institution housing a library. We also have a library in our school. Our school library is situated on the ground floor of our school building. It is housed in a very big room in the northern corner. Our school library is a big one. It has two doors and four windows. It is very tidy and well-furnished with almirah, book-case, and book-shelves. These are arranged nicely. Tables and chairs for the readers are arranged in the middle of the room. Our library is rich in various types of books. It contains books of reference on grammar, composition, history, geography, mathematics, civics, economics, chemistry and so on. Students are allowed to keep the book with them for a week. We get much help from it. There are rules followed in our library. None can borrow more than two books at a time. Silence is a must there. None can violate them. It is no doubt, a library that opens a golden chance both for the students and teachers. We should try to make the best use of it.

Same paragraph collected from another book

Almost every school publish magazine. It serves qualities and individualities of the school. It also provides the qualities of students too. It is a necessary aid to develop an extra academic life in the school. Students education should not be confined only to books. They should be encouraged to have a wider view of things. A school magazine encourages students to think for themselves to organize their information into knowledge. A school magazine must be carefully distinguished from a popular magazine. There is too often a tendency and an ambition to make it a juvenile edition containing poems, stories, essays and whatnot. We have already said that a school magazine should be managed entirely by students. It is a valuable training ground for students.

Our College Library

Our college library is very rich. A library is a part and parcel of every educational institution. The knowledge contained in the prescribed courses has to be complemented and supplemented by studying books and journals provided by a library. Our college library maintains about fifteen thousand titles covering the disciplines of arts, science, and commerce. Besides, there is a large number of journals and magazines of international repute. These are procured in order to keep the students and teachers abreast of the advancing research findings in the different fields of knowledge. The library is housed in a two-storeyed building. There are two spacious reading rooms on the first floor. A pin-drop silence conducive to study prevails there. Students and teacher come to the library to study the required materials when they have no class. The library is well-managed by an efficient librarian and his helping staff. It remains open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on all working days. We are proud of our college library.

Same paragraph collected from another book

A library is a room or building where we can read various books, journals, periodicals, etc. and satisfy our thirst for knowledge. It is an essential element of any educational institution. Our college has a vast library. It is located on the first floor adjacent to the prayer room. It’s a big room where various kinds of books and periodicals and arranged very systematically. Our library follows Dewy decimal system and we can easily locate any book we want. There is an efficient librarian who conducts the library. Each student is issued a library card. He can borrow at best three books at a time and keep them at home for a fortnight. The library remains open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm a calm and quiet atmosphere prevails in the library. Though our library is full of various kind of books we think we need more books about other country’s as well. However, the most important aspect of our library is its rare collection in the field of literature. It is a key attraction for all students. I feel very happy and proud of our college library.
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