Paragraph : Cultural Intrusion

Cultural Intrusion

The term cultural intrusion has come into the limelight with the introduction of electronic media. Different peoples of the world have different cultures and each of them wishes to live with it. They love to preserve and develop their own cultures, and they have the right to do so. But when one culture dominates another culture, it is called a cultural intrusion. Human history is replete with such cultural intrusion. Generally, a superior culture dominated the inferior one when they came into contact with each other. Now this intrusion is being done very easily by the electronic media. The electronic media is now spreading songs, music and picture all over the world through satellite and anybody can pick them up by dish antenna. The result is that the people of one country, especially the young section, are greatly influenced by such programmes. They sometimes discard their own culture. This is the worst effect of the intrusion. If this intrusion continues many cultures would be lost. This is not desirable. Let the different flowers bloom. No flower should be allowed to fade away.
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