Paragraph : Crime in Cities

Crime in Cities

Crime in cities is different from that is villages. In fact, crime is a social problem. It is seen in all countries and in all societies. In the villages population is thin and the people are simple and poor. The town is thickly populated and rich and educated people live here. So the crimes committed here are not the same. As for example, mugging and trafficking in drug, children and women are frequent in cities while they are rare in the villages. The criminals who commit theft and dacoity in cities are highly skilful and their modus operandi is highly technical. They use sophisticated weapons and means of transport. They enter the house by bluffing the householder. Money lures the people to do crimes. So the number of crimes is bigger in the cities. It is a wonder that in spite of so many police forces crimes are rife in cities. The criminals here are so clever and prompt that they can commit the crime under the very nose of the police.
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