Paragraph : My Country / Our Country

My Country / Our Country

Bangladesh is situated in South Asia on the shore of the Bay of Bengal with an area of 1,47,570 square kilometres. It is barbered by India on the east-west and north and by Myanmar on the south-east. Bangladesh got her independence in 1971. There prevails a moderate climate in this country. That’s why; it is not too hot nor too cold. The people here are engaged in various types of occupations. But their main occupation is agriculture. Most of her people especially the village people work in agricultural farming, poultry raising, fishing, pottery etc. The country is endowed with natural beauty and places of historical importance. She has a good number of attractive places. They are the Sundarbans, the Cox’s Bazar sea-beach, Kuakata sea-beach, Bagerhat Shatgombuj Mosque, Mohes Khali, Paharpur Buddist Vihar, Sonargaon, the Mongla Port etc. Of them, Sundarbans and Cox’s Bazar sea-beach is the most attractive to people of home and abroad. I feel very proud to live in a country like Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh is the name of my homeland. It is a small country in South-East Asia. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It achieved its independence in 1971 with a cost of nearly 3 millions of lives. It is small in size. The total land area of the country is 1,47,457 square kilometres, and its population is about 140 million. Bangladesh is a land of rivers. The Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna and the Sitalakkha are the main mighty rivers of Bangladesh. Her land is very fertile. Rice, jute and tea grow plenty in Bangladesh. Various kinds of delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables are also produced here. Chittagong and Mongla are the port cities of the country. Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. She has a number of interesting places (tourist sports). They are the Sundarbans, the Cox’s Bazar, Bagerhat Shatgombuj Mosque, Kuakata, Moheshkhali, Rangamati, Paharpur Buddhist Vihara, Sonargaon, etc. The Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world is famous for the Royal Bengal Tiger, the spotted deer, the estuarine crocodile, etc. It is the 52nd World Heritage Site, lies in the southern part of Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar, the longest seabeach in the world, is visited by thousands of tourists. Kuakata in Patuakhali is another attractive site. One can see the sun rising and setting there. It is really a beautiful country in the world.
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