Paragraph : College Hostel

College Hostel

A college hostel is a part and parcel of a college. Generally, a college hostel is seen within the college campus or near the college so that the students may attend the classes on time. It is a matter of regret that all of our colleges do not have any hostel. For this reason, the students have to carry on their studies overcoming various problems. The students who come to the college from far away have to face accommodation problem. Again the colleges that have hostels are not sufficient for the students or in bad condition. Most of the college hostels in our country are semi-pucca building that has so many problems. Some renowned college has well-furnished hostels that have modern facilities. Most of the college hostels are now maintained by some student leaders. So very few hostels have the proper environment for study. If the college hostels have proper facilities it is the best place for a student to study. So, in every college, a hostel with proper facilities and proper environment to study is essential.
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