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Paragraph : Character


The character is the crown and glory of human life. It is the sum total of one’s own habits and manners. A man who possesses some good qualities is called a man of character. A man of character is honoured by all and sundry. But a man having no character is disliked by all. “When the weather is lost, nothing is lost; health is lost, something is lost, but the character is lost, everything is lost” -is a widely known proverb. It says that the loss of wealth and health can be regained by dint of labour and by having medicine and treatment respectively. But the loss of character is an irrecoverable loss. This can never be compensated. The human being has character, but the animals have no character. The character distinguishes us from the rest of the creations. The great men of the world had a strong and stainless character. In order to attain humanity and something great in life, we must follow them and be men of character. From time immemorial, none has ever become great and successful in life without having a good character. We, therefore, always should try to develop good character.

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