Paragraph : Water Pollution

Water Pollution

In our country water pollution is a major health hazard. Water is an important element of the environment. Man cannot live without it. Pure water is essential for health. Water is polluted in various ways. Chemical fertilizers and insecticides are used in the fields by the formers. Rain and floods wash away some of these chemicals and mix them with the water of rivers, canals, and ponds. Besides these, mills and factories throw their waste into rivers and canals and pollute the water. Boats, steamers, launches throw oil, food and human waste into the water of rivers and canals. Oil tankers often clean out their tanks at sea and powerhouses release hot water into the river which kills fish and plants. A lot of latrines are built on the banks of rivers and canals. A number of ‘kutcha’ drains run into rivers and canals. These drains carry human waste and filth and let them fall into the water. Polluted water causes incurable diseases to men. So, we should take proper steps to prevent water pollution.

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When water becomes undrinkable and harmful for our existence, we call it polluted. Water is polluted in many ways. Firstly, farmers often use chemical fertilizer and insecticides in the corn fields. When rain and floodwater wash away these chemicals into the rivers, canals or ponds and water gets polluted thereby. Secondly, mills and factories throw their waste into the rivers and canals and thus pollute water. Thirdly, ignorant people pollute water by throwing human waste and filth from drains and insanitary latrines. Water vehicles also pollute water by dumping oil, food waste and human waste. By drinking polluted water, we suffer from fatal diseases and die. Water pollution may cause serious environmental disaster. To minimise water pollution, various measures may be taken. However, making people aware of the dangers of pollution is the best measure to reduce water pollution at an optimum level.
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