Paragraph : Watching TV

Watching TV

Television, a widely used media of mass communication, is a source of knowledge, pleasure and information. Television can educate people as well as students. It is the other name for the most effective and popular source of recreation for the people. I am a student and watching TV in my favourite pastime. I spend two or three hours a day watching it. My favourite TV programmes are sports, songs and animal world or animal kingdom. Among these programmes animal kingdom is the programme I enjoy most. Animals are the performer of this programme. My favourite TV personalities are Sunil Gavaskar and Wasim Akram, the commentators of the Star Cricket. Their Commentary attracts me most. Bangladeshi TV personality whom I admire most is Hanif Songket, the introducer of ‘Ityady’. We must say that TV is doing good to us by giving us educational and recreational facilities. But commercial programmes broadcast by foreign satellite TVs do harm to our youngsters by threatening our values, traditions and religions beliefs. The TV programmes lead the children more to recreation than to education. The programmes broadcast by BTV is more educative than the others. But nowadays this channel is trying to compete with the satellite channels which is not morally desirable. Among the satellite Channels, I like the National Geography and Discovery Channel most due to its educative values. 
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