Paragraph : Rural Life

Rural Life

Rural life means living in villages or countryside. Life here is full of beauty, purity and altruism. In the lap of nature, man gets pure air, fresh fruit and unmixed pleasure. Moreover, rural life offers the sweet note of birds, beauty of green paddy-field and rare serenity of nature. It is completely different from urban life, which is full of business, traffic jam, pollution and anxiety. Here a man leads a mechanical life which is sometimes boring and monotonous. City dwellers hardly get fresh air to inhale. Their life is almost devoid of friendliness and mental peace. However, urban life provides opportunities for education, recreation, emergency medicare and luxury. There are theatre, cinema, seminars, exhibitions and fairs to entertain the city people. Here one can enjoy all modern amenities living in well-furnished apartment. Even then I prefer rural life where hospitality, friendliness and bounty of people are still available. 
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