Paragraph : Voting Right

Voting Right

Voting is the most important political right of every adult citizen of a democratic country. Democracy is a government of the majority. In ancient city-states of Greece, all the citizens sat together and decided affairs of the state. But with the increase of the size and population of states, the voting system has cropped up. At first, only men were allowed to vote. Women had to struggle to achieve the right of voting. Nowadays, all citizens male and female of the age of 18 and above have the voting right. This is known as universal adult suffrage. Members of parliament, president, members of local bodies are elected by secret votes. So voting right is a sacred right of every citizen. The proper and just verdict of the voters can help the formation of a good government in a country. The authority should ascertain that every vote can cast his own vote according to his own will in order to establish true democracy in the country.
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