Paragraph : Village Government

Village Government

Village Government is very important for a village. President Ziaur Rahman had introduced the system of Village Government to maintain peace and order in a village. After the liberation of Bangladesh, she fell a helpless victim to crimes and anti-social activities. Life became insecure. To solve that problem, the Village Government was formed in every village to maintain law and order. The government made sixty-eight thousand village governments control robbery, theft, dacoity, unauthorized use of arms and other anti-state and anti-social activities. All the patriotic and honest citizens of the country came forward to make the Village Government. It helped to create a sense of discipline and unity among the people. The Village Government had to perform many duties. Their duty was voluntary service to the nation. A Village Government seemed to be always vigilant to maintain law and order. It also can take part in rural development works. It can conduct the proceeding of village courts. It is encouraging that all section of the rural people can help the Village Government to keep law and order in the village.
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