Paragraph : Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

↬ Traffic Jam in Big Cities and Towns

Traffic Jam is a common affair in big cities and towns. The reasons are not far to seek. First, the rapid growth of population and their movement on roads and highways by vehicles of different sort cause it greatly. Secondly, the violation of traffic rules especially by rickshaw-pullers and their tendency to overtake other vehicles are also causing traffic jam. Thirdly, the loading or unloading of buses and trucks here and there on the roads and the congested and narrow roads also create it. Above all, everybody, so to say, undergoes a lot of troubles and has to reach his office or goal late. Though the government has taken different steps to minimize the traffic jam, there has been no remarkable change. 

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Traffic jam refers to a long line of vehicles on the road leading to serious roadblock. It is a common picture of the major roads of Bangladesh. It is also seen on the town or even rural roads. There are some causes behind this. Firstly, many drivers are ignorant of traffic rules while some others deliberately violate traffic rules. This leads to serious roadblock. Again, plying of various vehicles with different velocity causes traffic jam. The vehicles with high speed are sometimes blocked by vehicles with less speed. Traffic jam is largely occurred due to thousands of rickshaws plying on the busy roads. Besides, sometimes water clogged on the road leads to traffic jam. Finally, poor driving, reckless parking alongside pavements and unhealthy competition among drivers cause traffic jam. It makes us waste our valuable time. It hampers our works. It also makes us undone in emergency need of movement. It can be solved by maintaining traffic rules strongly as well as making drivers conscious about following these rules. Therefore, training programmes for drivers can be arranged to make them aware of the traffic rules. On the other hand, the traffic rules should be strictly followed so that the drivers are bound to obey them.
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