Paragraph : The First Day at College

The First Day at College

I vividly remember the memory of the first day at my college. When I first entered college, I was highly excited and hilarious. Attending a college was something great to me. The big campus with its high buildings seemed to be something new and different. As I entered the first class, I was awfully surprised by the lecture of the teacher. It was our English class. I enjoyed the class very much. The teacher was taking the class thoroughly in English. It proved something unique about my college teacher. The other teachers also made lasting impressions on me. On the day, I attended five classes. We had to frequently change our rooms to attend another class. At 1:30 pm, there came the tiffin break. I went to the canteen and had some light food there. I also got introduced to my classmates. In the college, I liked the administration building most because it looked something impressive and spectacular bearing the past heritage of the college.
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