Paragraph : Politeness


There are various noble qualities which separate a good man from a bad man and politeness is one of such qualities. It is a great virtue. It is a mark of discipline. To be polite in one’s behaviour costs him nothing. Rather it brings many benefits. It will indicate that he is a well-bred man and no one will find any reason to hate him. People will love and respect him. A polite man must be above all meanness. He will be refined in manners, tolerant in views and supportive of the truth. He will never offend others. Rude behaviour is totally unknown to him. He must respect his parents, teachers, and others. Hypocrisy, cruelty, jealousy, and falsehood all are avoided by a polite man. Actually, politeness is a spontaneous trait. It can never be artificial. It is ever unchangeable under any circumstances. Politeness is essential in all walks of life. In short, a polite man is an ideal of humanity.
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