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Paragraph : Pleasures of Reading

Pleasures of Reading

Some people get pleasure in reading books. Reading is a good habit. Pleasures of reading are different from the pleasures of hearing songs, or playing games or of travelling. Pleasures of reading ennoble the mind. Books are man’s best companions. Friends may leave us, but never books. Books teach us many things. It teaches us how to behave well with others. It also gives knowledge about morality, honesty, hardship, about the dignity of labour, punctuality etc. Through books, we can travel almost all over the world. We can visit many unseen places and can know many unknown things. Through reading, we can enjoy and pass our time fruitfully. Books make us laugh. When we read a book of amusement, our heart becomes amused. When we read a painful book, we become shocked. It makes us cry. It gives us relief for a while from our monotonous life. All of us should keep us the habit of reading for pleasure.

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