Paragraph : My Parents

My Parents

My parents are like the average parents belonging to the poor middle-class society. My father is a petty government employee and my mother is a house-wife. My father is the only earning member. My mother manages the affairs of our family very well with his relatively meager income. Both my father and mother are very pious. They want us, their three children, also to become religious. My father has no bad habit like even smoking. He is always at work and does not waste his time. My mother performs the entire volume of house-hold work all by herself. Besides, she takes care of our education very wisely and diligently. If we fall ill, they become terribly upset and spare no pairs for our early recovery. If we lag behind in our studies, they get awfully concerned and do the needful as they deem proper. They are very prudent and affectionate parents. We are very fond of our parents- we are highly proud of them.
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