Paragraph : Morning Walk

Morning Walk

Morning walk is not only pleasant but also beneficial to health. In fact, walking regularly in the morning is a very good habit. It is the most advisable physical exercise for the age-ing and the old. In the morning, Nature appears at her best. At that time everything remains quiet and seems impressive. The environment with birds and beasts becomes calm and serene. The people who go out for a walk in the morning cannot but be impressed by it. It helps to keep their mind jolly and jovial. It also sets their temper for the rest of the day. The fresh air of the morning cools the body, refreshes the mind and soothes the nerves. Thus the man who goes out for a walk in the morning inhales fresh and pure air and feels its invigorating effect. Morning walk is, therefore, congenial to health and is never a waste of time as some people may erroneously take it for.
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