Paragraph : My Favourite Sportsman

My Favourite Sportsman

It is, of course, interesting for me to decide who my favourite sportsman is. Of all enchanting games and sports, I like cricket most. So it is obvious that my favourite sportsman will be playing the game of cricket. Cricket is a lengthy game and played in two versions: one-day single innings version and three, four or five days double innings version. There are scopes for the players of this game to show their capability at various stages: while batting, while fielding or bowling or even wicket-keeping. In such a condition one can hardly choose a single favourite because different players shine at different leaves. Still, my favourite sportsman is mainly a batsman and what a marvellous batsman he is! His name is Sachin Tendulkar. He is a member of India National Cricket Team. He is called the best batsman of our time and one of the best of all times. But rank does not matter is choosing my favourite. I like him because I derive the greatest pleasure when I have a chance to watch and enjoy his batting. He plays all shots of the book and his timing is so sweet that whenever the ball touches his bat it does not give the fielder much time to field it. One thing more is that he finds out gaps in between the fielders most often so fluently that it seems automatic. This quality enabled him to be the highest run-maker in one-day internationals. He is the top century-maker also in that version and in test cricket one at the top. He has played so many dazzling innings and fetched win for his country so many times that his playing a dashing inning is thought equal to the win of his team. He very attacking the field but very gentle off the field. His sportsmanship is proverbial in the arena of cricket. I am glad that such an outstanding personality as Sachin Tendulkar is playing in our time and entertaining us at every appearance.

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Shakib Al Hasan, one of the best cricketers in the world, is my favourite sportsman. He is on the wrong side of twenty. He is tall, handsome and smart. He comes from Dhaka. He is favourite to me for some reasons. First, he is an excellent batsman. He does not have nervous temperament. So he can bat as skillfully as possible. He is very skilful at batting. The world-famous bowlers are scared of him. Second, he is one of the best spin bowlers in the world. He knows how to put a lot of spin on the ball. So batsmen have to bat very carefully against his spin bowling, Third, he is a very good fielder. He can field the ball very smartly. In short, he is skilful not only at batting and bowling but also at fielding the ball. Finally, he has leadership qualities. Our cricket team plays very well under his leadership. If any misunderstanding arises among the players, he can easily dispel (দূর করা) it with his intelligence, amiability (বন্ধুভাবাপন্নতা) and sagacity (বিচক্ষণতা). Fifth, he possesses some extraordinary qualities such as sincerity, diligence, punctuality, sociability (বন্ধুভাবাপন্নতা), generosity (উদারতা) and integrity (সাধুতা). As Sakibul Hasan is our pride and asset, we should evaluate him properly. He should be the role model of every cricketer of our country. We are proud of having such a cricketer. I always pray to Allah for his good health and long life.
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