Paragraph : Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Power, in the true sense of the term, lies in knowledge. But we generally think that power belongs to the strong. When two wrestlers fight, we think that the stronger will win. And in a battle, the country with the larger army expects that it will be victorious. But strength without knowledge is blind. A blind giant cannot cope with a man who has sharp eyes. Knowledge is the secret of success in all warfare. The fortunes of battles have in all ages been determined by the part played by new weapons. The weapons are the result of new inventions which are only indications of man’s knowledge of the secrets of destruction. In ancient times men had no knowledge of Nature and they thought that the trees and the hills were inhabited by spirits and fairies. But along with the passing of days men have discovered many unknown things, many mysteries of Nature. Knowledge has made power in the science of medicine. Men have not yet invented medicines of all deceases. But they are trying. This is possibly the most beneficent aspect of man’s knowledge. Knowledge helps men not only to control the forces of nature but also to exercise power over other men. Man’s most recent achievement is the increasing power that he has established over himself through knowledge. So, knowledge plays a very significant role in the power of human civilization.
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