Paragraph : Industry is the Mother of Good Luck

Industry is the mother of good luck

Some people think that good luck is a god-send. But this is not correct. God helps those who help themselves. Thus if a man helps himself he becomes successful in life. In other words, if a man exerts himself and works hard, success or good luck must come to him. Good luck, in fact, is the outcome of industry or diligence which means hard work. If a student works hard throughout the whole year, he will be rewarded with the good luck of brilliant result at the examination. Similarly, a hard-working farmer will have the good luck of being in a position to live happily. There are people who do not exert themselves properly or who lack the strength of mind. In the face of difficulties, they lose heart, give up their efforts altogether and lay the blame on fate. They do not understand that they would have become successful had they worked hard with patience and perseverance. It is industry that conquers all obstacles and paves the way for good luck.
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