Paragraph : Handsome is that handsome does

Handsome is that handsome does

While making a judgment about a man we are often misled. There are both good and bad people in society. But we cannot judge them by their appearance. There are many good-looking people who are actually ill-tempered and bad. But there are also ugly men who are well-behaved. So it is wrong to call a good-looking man ‘handsome’ if he leads an evil life. For character is far more attractive and valuable than good appearance. There is a wise saying- the character is the crown of human life. Physical beauty is often all skin-deep. We may lose it through an accident or for another reason. It is destroyed by illness and old age. So physical beauty is transitory. But moral worth- the beauty of mind and soul- has a wholesome and abiding influence. It helps to provide men with spiritual beauty rather than physical beauty. It endears a man to use more than his attractive outside which we may admire but never love. But many people do not want to find out the spiritual beauty of a person, they only look for their physical appearance, their beautiful dresses and the like. But everyone should avoid this kind of meanness. In fact, beauty lies in man’s deeds and not in his appearance.
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