Paragraph : Grasp all, Lose all

Grasp all, Lose all

We know that if we have a heap of things before us and want to pick them up altogether, we are bound to fail in the attempt because our grips are not spacious enough to accommodate them all at the same time. All the things will fall off and we shall suffer a total loss. If on the other hand, we pick them up one by one and secure each in our possession, we shall be in a position to get them all. Thus, instead of coming to a total loss by trying to seize everything at a time, we should pick up only so much of the things in each attempt as our grips can hold. Wisdom teaches us that success comes one after another and man should process step by step. If a man moves about in all the spheres of his objectives at the same time, he will never reach his goal and ultimately, he will come to frustration and grief.
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