Paragraph : Frustration


Frustration means hopelessness. It is a highly intensified emotion in man, particularly in a young boy or girl. It may rightly be called a mental disease. In our societies, frustrated young boys and girls are found everywhere. Frustration may be of political, economic, domestic, judicial and social. When a political leader fails to achieve his goal or dream, he may be frustrated. Economic frustration is mostly great and wide-spread because of our unemployment problem. In our country, there are many qualified young men and women who are seeking jobs to solve their economic problems. But they are not getting jobs and thus are frustrated. Judicial frustration is also found in our legal world. It is because of the fact that the cases are not decided years after years and months after months. So the affected people have been suffering from frustration. Some young men and women, boys and girls are getting frustrated every moment when they fail to make love-affairs. It is poverty that is creating frustration among the people of our country. The effect of frustration is really horrible and shocking. In some cases, frustrated people are found committing suicide. Tension is created and for high tension, people are attacked with serious heart diseases. So steps should immediately be taken by the government as well as by non-government organizations to create the situation so that frustration can be checked and eliminated.
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