Paragraph : Eating Habit

Eating Habit

Eating habit is a very significant factor in life. Food is the first among all fundamental needs. People take food to satisfy their hunger. People should eat as much as they need. We eat to live not live to eat. But some people foster the opposite view. The habit of more eating is known as over-eating. Due to over-eating, we will suffer from various indigestion problems. Over-eating damages our liver-function. Even people can die from over-eating. On the other hand, some people especially women eat very little to become slim. But they have to think of the food value. People in various countries eat various kinds of food. Some of them eat fruits, vegetables, bread, and potatoes. Some of them eat rice, bread etc. Whatever they take as food, they should take properly according to the need of the body. One should eat to maintain health and energy. Food must include proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and water. Lack of knowledge of nutrition is one of the reasons for malnutrition in Bangladesh. Poor and illiterate people think that good and nutritive food means costly food. But this is not true. In short, each and everyone should adopt a balanced eating habit for maintaining good health.
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