Paragraph : My Favourite Game

My Favourite Game

Cricket is my favourite game. It is an outdoor game. It is an interesting game. The game is played between two teams. Each team consists of eleven players. A cricket field must be spacious. It must have a turf. Two wooden bats, a ball and two sets of stumps are also needed. Generally, the duration of a cricket match is 100 overs with tea-break. Two umpires conduct the game. Sometimes, a third umpire is required to solve acute confusion. Each over consists of six balls. Before the beginning of the game, a toss is held between two captains to specify ‘Fielding group’ and ‘Batting group’. The bowler starts bowling. He tries his level best to out the batsman. The batsman tries to save himself and to make a good score. The batsman may be out in many ways such as ‘bowled out’, ‘run out’, ‘stumped out’, ‘caught out’ etc. Taking the opportunity, the batsman hits the ball away at a good distance and runs to the opposite wicket. The batsman at the other wicket runs to his place. Thus one run is scored. If the ball crosses the boundary line, four runs are made. And if it flies over the boundary line, six runs are made. If any batsman is out, he leaves the place. Another batsman comes to his place. After an interval, the fielding group comes to bat and the batting party goes to field. Both teams try heart and soul to out all batsman of the opposite team. The party which can score more runs wins the game. Cricket teaches patience, obedience, manliness, co-operation, promptness and lessons of teamwork. It makes the player active and laborious. It entertains and excites the spectators. For these various reasons, cricket is my favourite game.
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