Report on day long hartal

Suppose, you are a reporter of a national daily. Make a report on ‘A day long hartal’. 

Independent report-

Toaha, TANGAIL, April 5 : A day long hartal was observed throughout the country yesterday. It was called by the opposition party alliance demanding the decrease of the price of the daily commodities. 

At least, four cars were set on fire at different sports of the city. The supporters of the four-party alliance held a procession in front of their party office and tried to go out but they were confined by the police. There was a great clash at about 11am to Ramna point. A procession of the hartal supporters was hindered by the police near Shahbag area. 

At that time, they were locked in a clash with police. As a result, several students were injured. They were sent to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Police arrested 40 students from the spot. The picketers broke the glasses of many public buses. Many shops and markets were closed down. A few numbers of vehicles were seen on the road and the government and non-government offices, banks, garment factories were found open. All kinds of classes and exams of the educational institutions were postponed. Police arrested 120 persons and about 50 persons were reported to have been injured. Additional police forces and RABs have been deployed in and around the important areas to avert any untoward situation. 
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