Report on anti-smoking bill passes

You know that a new law seeking prohibition of smoking in public places has been passed in the parliament. Now, write a report on the bill seeking to prohibit smoking in public places. 


Suraia Munni, DHAKA, March 16 : A bill seeking to prohibit smoking in public places and public transports was passed in the parliament last night. 

The bill was introduced by Health and Family Welfare Minister which invited some discussions on the merit and demerit of the bill and was finally passed by the majority of the members. The smoker will be subject to a fine of taka 50 on violating the law. Again, smoking has been prohibited in public places through this law. The public places include educational institutions, government, semi-government and autonomous offices, library, lift, hospital, clinic, court building, airport, railway station, bus terminal buildings, cinema hall, covered exhibition centre, theatre hall, children’s park and other places designated by gazetted notifications. The bill also seeks to provide for restriction on advertisement of tobacco products in cinema, Government and private TV channels, sale of films or video tapes containing tobacco products, publication of advertisement in book, magazine, leaflet, hand bill, bill board, newspaper, etc. 

The environmentalists have welcome the enactment of law prohibiting smoking in public places and expressed hope that the worsening situations are likely to improve in Bangladesh with regard to environment and sound living.
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