Email on owing to debt of gratitude

Send an email to one of your teachers expressing your gratitude for his encouragement before your examination. 

To : < sahadat @ >
Cc : ....................................
Bcc : < safik.islam @ >
Subject : Owing to a great debt of gratitude.

Dear Sir,
I am very sorry that I could not send email to you earlier. I am now a first-year student at Dhaka Medical College. The credit of my success goes to you. I would have never been here if you had not encouraged me before my examination. I always remember the support you extended in those days. I am really grateful to you. 

I sahll be very happy if you write a few words for me through email. Your words always inspire me. 

Your loving student,

Tell : 088-01000-000000
Email : < safik.islam @ >
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