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Imagine that you have a pen-friend living in Belgium. He/She wishes to know about the type of house you live in. Now, send an email to your pen-friend describing the type of house you live in and whether you are happy or not living in such a house.

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Subject : About my living place.

Dear Kathrin,
I have not received any email from you for quite a long time. I hope you are all well. In your last email, you asked me to write about my house and my feelings about living in it. In this email, I want to inform you about this. 

You know I live in a busy area of Dhaka city. It is under Sutrapur thana. The house I live in is an apartment. It has three bedrooms, a drawing-room, three baths and a dining room. Though the house is a well-furnished one, I hardly enjoy living in it. The reasons the obvious. Firstly, the rooms are congested and packed with furniture. Secondly, I have to study in the drawing-room. I can’t concentrate on my studies as visitors come in swarmingly. Thirdly, I feel most troubled living in this house due to serious sound pollution. Due to frequent plying of the traffics, we feel disturbed by the sound of the horns. We sometime can’t have a sound sleep due to noise. Though we have almost all modern facilities. I can’t say I feel comfortable and happy here. 

No more today. I hope you will write to me soon. 

Your loving friend,

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