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Imagine you are Nabila of Station Road, Dinajpur-5200. Recently, your elder sister got married. Now, send an email to your non-Bangladeshi friend Robert who lives at 9 Derriford Road, Plymouth PLG8 BH, UK, telling him about the wedding. 

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Bcc : < nabila @ >
Subject : About wedding ceremony.

Dear Robert,
I got your email a week before but could not send back in time as I was awfully busy with my sister’s wedding. You know my elder sister Nadiah. She got married on 12 January. The wedding took place is Party Center which is a community centre. In the cities and towns, most wedding ceremonies take place in community centres because at least 400-500 guests are invited to a wedding. The entire centre was decorated with colourful lights. An arched gate with fresh flowers was made for the bridal party. My sister wore a red saree with stone setting jewellery given by the groom’s family. The groom was wearing the traditional ‘sherwani’, it was a cream coloured suit. Most women were wearing heavy jewellery and very gorgeous ‘katan’ sarees, which are our traditional wedding dresses. Men wore suits, parts and shirts, etc.

At about 8 pm, the groom came to the community centre with the bridal party. The party was accompanied by a group of musicians playing the drums and the flute. It looked like a fairytale wedding. We all welcomed the bridal party and showed them in, but before the groom entered he had to pay an entrance free which was decided at the gate. It is again a very traditional thing. Then came the food. Traditional ‘biriyani’, ‘rezala’, ‘salad’, ‘borhani’ and ‘jarda’ were served. Everybody enjoyed the food very much. At about 10:30, the bridal party took the bride with them. It is such a time when a lot of crying takes place and everybody from the bride’s side was in tears.

Well, I hope I have given you a long description of my sister’s wedding. No more for now. Waiting to hear from you soon.

Yours ever

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