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Suppose, you and some of your friends had recently been to a picnic at a place of historical importance. You have a friend named ‘Shovon’ at Cambridge in UK. He is too much interested to know how you have enjoyed it. Now, send an email to him about the picnic.

To : < shovon @ >
Cc : ..................................
Bcc : < arif @ >
Subject : Description of a picnic.

Dear Shovon,
I am glad to receive your mail. In your mail, you are very much interested to know about the picnic that I enjoyed few days ago. Now, I am giving you details about the picnic. On 26 August 2020. Some of our friends went to Sonargaon, the historical capital of Isha Khan for a picnic. Our party consisted of thirty boys in our class. Our English teacher Mr. Haque also went with us. We reached the picnic site at 9 am, by a reserved coach. We took with us all necessary utensils, food under the guidance of Mr Haque. After having our meals, we took rest for a while and then had some music, recitation and comics. We enjoyed ourselves very much. In the afternoon, we returned to Matuail. We had an unforgettable experience there. I wished you were with us then! 

I am hale and hearty. Please give my best regards to your parents. 

With best wishes,

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Email : < arif @ >
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