Composition : My Experience of Class IX

My Experience of Class IX

Human mind is forgetful. It cannot recollect all the things that happened in the past. The things that happened in the past may be entertaining as well as sad. 

In the short span of my life, many events occurred. I cannot remember all. However, I have a memorable experience which I cannot forget. It often flickers my memory. 

I was then a student of class IX. It was the day when my first term result was to be published. I was anxious about my place in the exam. The Headmaster was declaring the results of successive sections. I felt terribly nervous. Just then I heard my name declared. In the result, I came out first in the exam. I could not believe my ears. I asked one of my friends. He ensured that I was not making a mistake. The Headmaster then called me with other brilliant students to join a photo session with him. I felt highly thrilled. 

As soon as I became free, I ran directly to my house. I found my mother cooking in the kitchen. She embraced me as she heard my performance. My father learnt it in the afternoon when he came back from office. He bought me a latest mobile set. I had a new kind of feeling for standing first in the exam. Since then, I was specially taken care of by my teachers. 

Earlier I could stand second or third. But I could not become first. As my dream was true, I felt thrilled and excited. I was, in fact, a turning point in my life. I cannot forget the memory of my first achievement in life.
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