Composition : The Annual Sports of Your College

The Annual Sports of Your College

The annual sports ceremony is an occasion of great joy. It creates excitement among the students, the teachers, the guardians and the general public of the area. On this day, the college wears a festive look. 

The annual sports of our college were held on 23rd March this year. The local DC was the chief guest on the occasion. He was the key attraction of the programme. 

The college building and the playground were decorated with coloured papers, green leaves, coloured flags and festoons. A big gate was set to mark the day. A small but beautiful pandal was also built to hold the prize distribution ceremony. 

The sports were conducted by our game teacher Mr Lalit Mohon Das. The roverscounts of the college helped him as volunteers. The games started at 8:30am. The first event was 100 metres sprint. Then various events were held one after another. The events were running, leaping, high and long jump, throwing the discus and javelin, short put, dress as you like, etc. At last, the tag of war was held between the guests present and the teachers. Among the games, the tag of war and dress as you like were the most interesting. 

I took part in three events. They were 100 metres sprint, high jump and throwing the discus, and won three medals. Thus, I was declared the champion of the sports. 

The chief guest, at last, distributed the prizes among the winners. He then made a short speech putting importance on the games and sports in life. It was a very nice ceremony. It was something very special for me. I cannot but remember the memory of the day.
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