Email to requesting to supply sports materials Replying Emails

You are the Secretary of the Sports Club of your college. Read the following email sent by a sports dealer and write a reply requesting him to supply you some sports materials for college.

To : < modeltowncollege @ >
Cc : ....................................
Bcc : < shahedulalam002 @ >
Subject : Suppling Sports materials

Dear Sir,
We are pleased to inform you that Modern Sports Company has recently produced some sports materials locally. We supply these materials to the educational institutes around the country as we offer our products at a good price. Besides, Modern Sports Company ensures its clients to supply the best quality products.

We here attach the specifications of our products for your further interest. Please contact us if you wish to get our products to your institution.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours

Shahedul Alam
Modern Sports Company
Panthapath, Dhaka
Tell : 0088-01700000000
Email : < shahedulalam002 @ >

Reply Mail

To : < shahedulalam002 @ >
Cc : ....................................
Bcc : < modeltowncollege @ >
Subject : requesting to supply sports materials

Dear Sir,
I am pleased to place the following order with you in view of the Annual Sports Meet to be held in the first week of August. Kindly, send the latest of the good by the 28th of this month. Please also see that the goods supplied by you are of good quality and in accordance with the specifications quoted by you earlier.

  1. Cricket balls – 2 dozen
  2. Badminton rackets – 1 dozen
  3. Shuttlecocks (duck feather) – 5 boxes
  4. Hockey sticks – 32
  5. Volleyballs – 1 dozen
  6. Footballs – 1 dozen
  7. Badminton nets – 3

The goods should be neatly packed and the parcel should be addressed to the Principal of the College. Payment will be made immediately after the parcel is received.

Yours faithfully

Shudip Barua
Secretary, Sports Club
Model Town College
Srimangal, Sylhet
Tell : 088-01800000000
Email : < modeltowncollege @ >

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