Email for expressing sympathy for illness

Suppose, you are Rasel and your friend Imran is ill and admitted in the hospital. Read the following email sent by him. Now, write a reply email for your friend to express your sympathy.

To : < raselsmart @ >
Cc : ...............................
Bcc : < imran @ >
Subject : Informing about illness.

Dear Rasel,
I have not heard from you for a month. Hope that you are well by the grace of Allah. I have been working hard for the preparation of the coming HSC examination. The temperature changes rapidly. As a result, I am suffering from cold and high fever. In fact, the fever was so high that my parents admitted me in a hospital. The doctor gave me medicine and advised me to take rest. Don’t worry. I fell much better now and I will be okay very soon. 

Please don’t worry about me. Give my salam to your parents and love to Mithila. 

Your friend,

13/C, Narinda, Dhaka
Tell : 088-02-000000
Email : < imran @ >

Reply Mail

To : < imran @ >
Cc : ...............................
Bcc : < raselsmart @ >
Subject : Express sympathy for illness.

Dear Imran,
I have just received your email and known that you have been ill in the hospital for two days. I am very sorry. If I had known, I should have written before. But I am glad to know that the worst is almost over and you are much better. Please take care of yourself and follow the doctor’s advise. I hope you will soon be all right and coming out again. 

Write to me as soon as you can and let me know how you are now. 

Your heartily,

Bondar Bazar, Sylhet
Tell : 088-0821-000000
Email : < raselsmart @ >
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