Application for taking steps against anti-social activities

Write an application to the officer-in-charge of your police station requesting him to take steps to stop anti-social activities in your area.

September 10, 2014

The Office-in-charge
Shyampur Police Station,

Subject : Application for taking necessary steps against anti-social activities.

Dear Sir,
On behalf of the people of Shyampur Market, we would like to draw your attention to the disturbing fact that we are suffering from some hideous anti-social activities perpetrated by some mischievous block-heads. 

They are making our life difficult and dirty every way they can. They often taunt and tease college-going youths especially the girls, cheat the shopkeepers, give no fair to the rickshaw-pullers and behave roughly with people and passers-by. Things turn worse after the sunset. They gather at the turns of the roads and footpaths to take narcotics such as hashish, phensidyle, soporific drugs and heroin. Then they prey on passers-by and snatch their money. Some people have been stabbed and some others have been compelled to give them extortions. They have even threatened some persons with killing. So, we are all living in a frustrating situation with a premonition that situations may deteriorate further. 

Community leaders and elderly citizens have tried to persuade then to come back to sense and stop their nefarious activities. But they have not paid any heed at all. Now, we are seeking your kind action to get rid of this crisis. 

We, therefore, hope that you would be sympathetic enough to take effective steps to stop crimes in this locality and save us from the panic. 

Sincerely yours
1. Kamal Pasha
2. Jaynul Abedin
3. S M Saif


  1. Very well written 👍🏻

  2. The application have some difficult words but I think it is so good for us. Otherwise it is not perfect for writing in the examination. 🌏🌏🌏

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